Massage Oils for Professional Users

Refreshing · Relaxing · Soothing

Whoever needs massage oils in large quantities can rely on the high quality products of Vanda Emotion. They are available in various compositions and qualities. These oils have been specifically designed for professional users who attach great importance to spoiling their customers with impeccable, affordable massage oils.

Vanda Emotion massage oils are available as perfume-free or discreet perfumed base oils. The unscented oils contain no parabens, dyes or other additives;  and are suitable for all massage techniques. Additionally, Vanda Emotion Massage oils are irriration-free and may be used for all skin types.

In the oils of higher quality which partially or largely contain natural oils, vitamin E has been used as a natural preservative. The essential oils also contribute to the conservation process.

Combine the desired base oil with a perfumed oil of your choice. 


Vanda Emotion according to own recipe

Beside the standard range of massage oils, Vanda Emotion also offers customized fragrances. These are exclusively put together in accordance with the customer's wishes. Thus the opportunity arises to create a fragrance that expresses uniqueness and autonomy. The minimum quantity to order is 30 liters.

This product range of  «House of Lifestyle & Spa Products» has been specially developed for professional use. It impresses with its  exclusivity, individuality and quality at reasonable prices.