100% natural essential oils

Supplement Perfume Mixtures

Inspiration and good mood from mornig til evening. Used as massage oils, cosmetics, oil burners, sauna and for travelling. Scent mixtures 100% natural essential oils!

Concessa Relaxing
Refreshing and relaxing, an exotic touch to forget your daily grinds!
Scent: fresh, stimulating and relaxing

Jasmin Dream
Pure sensuality, a combination of Far East to dream about!
Scent: exotic, sensual

Nepal Lemongrass
The mild scent of lemongrass for an exotic touch in your daily grind!
Scent: fresh, stimulating and activating

Provence Breeze
The Mediterranean scent to relax and dream!
Scent: balancing, airy, fresh

Winter Emotions
Simply be comfortable,relax and relief of body and the senses! Ideal from Autumn to Spring.
Scent: warm, fresh and rounded.