Perfumed massage oils from VANDA EMOTION

Supplement Essential Oils

Vanda Emotion Perfumed massage oils contain only natural essential oils. Here any sort of synthetic additives are completely relinquished.

Bergamot Oil (Bergamottae aeth.)
The aroma of hope brings energy and ease into life. Lively and bubbly - clarifying the thoughts and breaking monotony..
Stimulating, refreshing, relaxing

Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalypti aeth.)
A scent that spreads optimism. This spicy and cleansing effective fragrance expels negative thoughts and promotes a deep liberating breath.
Stimulating, enlightening, relaxing

Lavender oil (Lavendula aeth.)
This complex scent envelopes and soothes the senses. It refreshes and relaxes at the same time, expels fatigue, anxiety and worry.
Stimulating, enlightening, grounding, relaxing

Peppermint Oil (Menthae aeth.)

Fresh and stimulating, this scent makes ideas bubble.  It stimulates the imagination and promotes reasoning powers. Stimulating, enlightening, grounding, refreshing

Rosmarine Oil   (Rosmarini aeth.)
Works simultaneously stimulating and has a relaxing effect on body and soul. This fragrance protects, builds, encourages and promotes strength, ingenuity and clarity.
Stimulating, enlightening, grounding, relaxing

Sweet Orange Peel Oil (Aurantii dulcis aeth.)
This fragrance spreads joy and expels gloomy thoughts. It stores the sun, light and heat in itself. This fragrance improves mood and lifts the spirit.
Stimulating, refreshing, relaxing

Wintergreen Oil (Gaultheriae aeth.)
This aromatic fragrance has a stimulating effect, revives and gives new energy.  Stress is  alleviated and tension eased.
It supports the urge for activity and movement.
Enlightening, relaxing

Lemon Oil (Limonis aeth.)
Penetrating and fresh, this fragrance  promotes  rationality and reason. It  increases the ability to reason, brings clarity, strengthens the immune system and promotes concentration.
Stimulating, refreshing, invigorating.

Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon Oil)
This fresh, lemon-like fragrance carries a delicate touch of roses in itself and works by harmonizing. Lemongrass stimulates to action, promotes a positive attitude to life and   makes the day appear brighter.
Stimulating, refreshing, relaxing

Jasmine Oil (Jasminum absolue „Grandiflorum“)
The flower of the night, which gives off its sweet scent between dusk and dawn. This fragrance opens a magical world and creates well-being and happiness. The precious oil reduces anxiety and relieves mental stress. Jasmine encourages creativity, lifts the spirits and is invigorating and soothing. This queen of fragrances contains numerous features and amazing talents.
Stimulating, enlightening, grounding