Raw Materials and Conservation

Our products are largely made of natural and organic raw materials.
Today several of our products are already free from chemical substances and genetically modified raw materials.

Many chemical substances can only be replaced with difficulty.   This is a major challenge in the production phase. In order to guarantee that impeccable quality is maintained until the expiration date, additives are needed. There is also need for moisturizing and nourishing properties of the products to be guaranteed in their pharmaceutical form (eg cream, scrub etc).

The following substances are not utilised:

• Aluminium salts
• Azo dyes
• Benzophenone
• Formaldehyde compounds
• Phtalate
• Synthetic Parfume substances and coloring



We pay special attention to the stability and preservation of the products. The compositions are regularly reviewed and adjustments made where necessary. As far as possible, we use natural preservatives based on organic acids and avoid chemically modified additives. Vitamin E is used to preserve fats and oils - besides, essential oils have a preservative nature.

Vanda Natural and Organic Spa Products that are free from parabens are specially marked.

Mostly essential oils are used as perfume compounds, which are obtained by steam distillation from plants.